5 Ways to Tell if Your Furnace Needs Help

Getting stuck without heat because your furnace fails is never pleasant, particularly during the cold of a Calgary winter. Although it’s often impossible to determine when a furnace will fail, by watching for signs that it isn’t working properly and getting repairs promptly, you can help it last longer and function at its best. Watch for these five signs that it’s time to call for Calgary furnace repair

1. Unusual Odours Indicate a Need for Furnace Repair

If you smell gas or another unusual odour coming from your furnace, it usually points to a leak or other problem. Turn off your furnace and call for 24 hour furnace repair.

2. Noisy Operation Means Furnace Maintenance Calgary

A low hum and occasional rumble are the only sounds your furnace should make. Squeals, thumps, bangs, and scrapes indicate the need for Calgary furnace tuneup because an internal component is likely loose or broken.

3. Weak Airflow Requires Calgary Furnace Repair

It should be easy to feel warm air blowing from the vent when your furnace is working properly. If the airflow is weak, it indicates a problem. Often the motor or belt is the cause of weak airflow; these can easily be replaced during Calgary furnace maintenance, but can lead to bigger problems if ignored.

4. High Utility Bills Point Toward Furnace Repair

Your furnace uses more energy when it is struggling to work properly. Slowly increasing utility bills often are a sign that your furnace is struggling and needs repairs.

5. Repeated Power Cycling Shows You Need Furnace Repair

If your furnace cycles on and off repeatedly throughout the day, it isn’t functioning efficiently. Calgary furnace repair improves the efficiency of your furnace so it runs better.

Getting your furnace repaired promptly helps you avoid bigger problems later, so watch for these signs and call for 24 hour furnace repair when necessary.

Make sure your furnace is in mint condition by contacting the experts at ADVANPRO. They are dedicated to providing you with the best service at a great cost.

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