Furnace Tips for Calgary’s Topsy Turvy Climate

Don’t like the weather in Calgary? As any native Calgarian will tell you, wait an hour!

In a city known for its Chinooks, it’s not uncommon to see logic-defying temperature swings between 20-30°C over a few hours in the winter! The warm mountain air can lift the city from freezing cold to spring-like conditions in a snap–or plunge the region into a sudden deep freeze in the blink of an eye. While it can play havoc on your wardrobe choices (sweater or t-shirt?)… just think of the stress and strain it puts on your poor furnace system! Here are some helpful tips to help your furnace deal with the sudden ups and downs of Calgary’s Chinook climates.

1. Install a Smart Thermostat

You don’t want to come home from work in a house that’s either boiling hot or freezing cold. Unlike basic thermostats or programmable thermostats, Smart Thermostats sense temperature fluctuations in your home–and automatically instruct your furnace to compensate. This makes them ideal for Calgary homeowners. They can even sense when no one is home and lower temperatures accordingly. Smart thermostats also help the furnace run more efficiently by steadily maintaining target temperatures (reducing spikes in cycling). They even provide energy reports to help you reduce costs. As an added bonus… you can adjust the temperature remotely from anywhere using an app on your cell phone! It also controls your AC. In Calgary, smart thermostats are $589 with installation.

2. Consider a Furnace Humidifier 

The other issue with Calgary’s climate? Thanks to our elevation and the fact we’re in the shadow of the Rockies, the air tends to be extremely dry. Dry hands, eyes and hair are the price you pay for living in such a spectacular setting. The good news is that by installing a humidifier on your furnace system, you can add much-needed moisture to the air in your home. Once you do, you’ll notice your skin feels softer and moister–and your hair is less frizzy. Different models are available for $599 (installed).

3. Regularly Maintain and Tune Up Your Furnace

In cold climates, like we have in Calgary, furnaces have to work harder than in more temperate climate. Regular maintenance is a great idea to ensure it’s running properly and efficiently. This is particularly important if your furnace is over ten years old. After all, the last thing you want is for it to quit on you in the middle of a cold spell. As a homeowner, you should regularly replace your furnace filter (every 1-3 months, depending on the filter type). A dirty filter will prevent airflow and put strain on your furnace. Getting a professional to perform an annual check-up and tune-up is a good idea. They will inspect the motor, sensors, burners and wires to see if everything is in tip-top order. Plus, they’ll lubricate all rotating parts and identify any potential problems. At Advanpro, our furnace tune-up packages start at $169.95. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and can extend the life of your furnace by years!

4. Clean Your Ducts Annually

Finally, Calgary’s Chinook winds can blow a lot of pollen, dust and contaminants into your home’s HVAC system. We have a lot of poplar and aspen trees, which can be particularly bad when it comes to the ‘fluff’ they release. Annual duct cleaning removes allergens from your home and can reduce the strain on your furnace. Duct cleaning packages range from $179.95 to$349.95, depending on the type of service and options included.

Local Knowledge–Local Service

No one knows and understands the unique HVAC challenges faced by Calgary homeowners quite like Advanpro. We’ve been providing professional furnace, air conditioning and duct cleaning solutions in this city for over 15 years. We’ll help you find the right heating and cooling solutions for Calgary’s one-of-a-kind climate to ensure life performance.