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How to Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioning Unit

A little maintenance goes a long way with many things, including an air conditioning unit. Paying attention to your AC helps prevent untimely breakdowns and helps your unit function efficiently. Here’s how to extend the life of your AC.

Give Your Air Conditioner a Break

Constant running tends to wear out an AC faster than expected. Turn your thermostat up or the unit off if you’re going to be gone and during the night. This gives the unit a break so it doesn’t have to work all the time.

Clean the AC Regularly

Outdoor air conditioning units get dirty, so give yours regular cleanings to help it function at its best. Remove dirt, leaves, and other debris from the unit and the surrounding area.

Get Regular AC Repair

Routine AC repair and maintenance help keep your unit in good condition and catch small problems before they cause further damage. Spring is the ideal time for a professional tune-up because then your unit is ready for use during the summer.

Clean the Air Ducts

Dirt and debris accumulate in the air ducts and can interfere with the flow of air, making the AC work harder to push cold air into your home. Consider having the ducts cleaned at the same time as your annual AC repair and maintenance visit.

Change the Air Filter

Replacing the air filter on a regular basis helps prevent clogs and improve efficiency. Check your air filter once a month.

Get Proper AC Installation

Helping your unit last begins right at the beginning with AC installation. Trust AC installation to professionals who can handle the procedure the right way so your unit functions properly from the start.

Get the most out of your AC by using these tips to help extend its lifespan.

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