Keep Your Furnace In Peak Condition With a Tune Up

Your furnace makes up a large portion of your energy usage during winter. Keeping it running at peak performance helps keep your home warm while keeping your energy bills reasonable. An annual furnace tune up helps your furnace run efficiently.

Benefits of Furnace Maintenance Calgary

Regular furnace maintenance Calgary provides a number of benefits to homeowners including:

  • Save money – Routine maintenance keeps your unit in top shape which lowers operating costs and helps prevent costly emergency repairs.
  • Reliable heat – A well-maintained furnace runs when you need it to keep your home comfortable.
  • Lasts longer – Keeping your furnace in good condition helps extend its life.

When to Schedule a Furnace Tune Up

The best time of year to schedule your annual furnace cleaning Calgary is usually in the fall. Then you’ll be ready to enjoy the benefits all winter as your system runs smoothly and keeps your home toasty. However, it’s never too late to schedule a tune up so if you don’t have time in the fall, then it’s still good to do in the winter or at another time of year.

What to Expect During Furnace Cleaning Calgary

During annual furnace maintenance Calgary, a skilled technician examines and cleans your unit to make sure it’s operating at peak performance. Some of the things included in furnace cleaning Calgary are:

  • Oil motor
  • Vacuum and clean blower
  • Check hot surface ignitor
  • Heat rise check
  • Motor amp draw
  • Check burners, chimney venting, and inducer motor
  • Gas pressure check
  • Test thermocouple and flame sensor
  • New filter
  • Grease shaft and bearings

A furnace tune up helps keeps your unit running efficiently, so make a note to schedule one every fall. Be sure to keep your furnace in top condition with the experts at ADVANPRO. They are dedicated to providing you with the best service at a great cost.


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