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Furnace wasn’t working, I called for a service Adam came to my house extremely professional and very friendly, fixed the problem did what he had to do and done. Amazing service
Dan K.
Wow, these guys are amazing. Not only did Adam try to troubleshoot over the phone so that we could avoid the cost altogether, but when they did need to send someone they came the next day. Steve was terrific. We are now Raving Fans. Tx!
Melanie McKenzie
The service experience, from phone-call to finish, was professional. The work was performed expertly. Even where an issue with potential to cause problems was presented (issue was due to a sloppy install on a portion of the duct-work originally) they offered an effective and reasonable solution. Another service company could have raked the situation and added unnecessary expenses and huge inconvenience. Really appreciated their work!
Frances W.
I pay for good service so I expect that, but I will write in for exceptional service. Leo and Alvin came over to do the brush duct cleaning package and were professional, thorough, very knowledgeable, and respectful of my concerns and even had me look at the duct work to prove I didn’t have the problems I thought I did [once they investigated]. I’ve dealt with every trade with my renos this year and this was just a great job well done. I highly recommend them and will make sure all my friends use them!
We’ve used ADVANPRO in the past for furnace cleaning and when our furnace wouldn’t start after 2 weeks away on vacation, I called them for a service call. Steve was in the house all of 30 seconds to solve the problem. I also got an explanation of the problem related to a combustion air damper that I had never received before….one that finally made sense. Thanks for the quick response and the quick fix .
Trevor Seitz
My experience using ADVANPRO last year was excellent so I didn’t hesitate to book my annual furnace/duct cleaning with them again this year. Sam & Jeff did a great job and Sam gave me a few tips on cleaning my filters which were greatly appreciated. Thanks again and I will be booking again next year.
Angela from Airdrie
I used ADVANPRO about 2 years ago for duct cleaning. They were excellent then and are still. Steve and Peter arrived early and did an awesome job. They identified a few issues with the furnace, and replaced the affected parts while there as well. Would highly recommend.
Ron from Calgary
We had Jeff and Sam who cleaned our ducts and brushed our vents. They also checked our furnaces and did some inspection and cleaning. They kept us advised every step of the way on what was needed, and did a very professional job. Definitely will use this pair with this company again.
My air conditioner stopped working and my daughter told me about Homestars site. I phoned two other air conditioner repair sites and my call wasn’t even returned. I phoned ADVANPRO and was told a repair man could come out in two days. Adam quickly found the problem, replaced the part and checked the air conditioner. I was impressed by his service and knowledge and the price was very fair. I would certainly use ADVANPRO again.
Lou Busko
I ordered an AC installation, after quoting prices with other companies, and I do recommend this company. The installation was fast and professional, and the customer service is very good, as they are focused on answering your questions and solving any problem that you have. The technician who installed my AC and gave me further assistance (Orrin Esau) is a professional driven to perform the best work and to help you whenever you need.