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The Reason Why Your Furnace Smells When You Turn it On and How to Get Rid of It

Furnaces sit idle for a large part of the year then work overtime during winter. You may notice a funny smell coming from your unit when you turn it on for the first time or anytime during the cold season. Either way, it’s best to pay attention to unusual odours and try to identify the cause. Here are some common reasons furnaces smell funny when turned on and what to do about it.

The Smell of Burning Dust from a Calgary Furnace

The first time you use your heating system after a long period it may produce a smell of burning dust. This is because dust collects on parts of the furnace and when it’s turned on, this dust burns off. This is normal and should disappear quickly.

Musty Odours and Calgary Furnace Cleaning

Damp, musty odours aren’t unusual either when you first turn on the unit for the season. This is usually from debris collecting in the air ducts and blowing through your home. The best way to deal with musty odours is to clean your unit and replace the air filter. Scheduling a Calgary furnace cleaning in the fall helps you avoid the problem of musty odours.

Electrical Burning Smells and Calgary Emergency Furnace Repair

The smell of burning electrical parts or burning plastic is more serious and often requires Calgary emergency furnace repair. Check for foreign objects in the ductwork, then call for Calgary emergency furnace repair right away if you don’t find anything. This type of smell may indicate a problem with the electrical components of the furnace.

An annual Calgary furnace cleaning helps keep your system running smoothly so you’re less likely to experience strange odours. If you notice unusual smells coming from your unit, try using the above common reasons to determine the cause and deal with the problem.

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