The Importance of Cleaning your Furnace

A clean furnace and cleaned vent system improves the air quality in your home. The cleaning of the air ducts and furnaces in your home should always be carried out by a professional. Based on the suggested recommendation by HVAC experts, homeowners should get their air ducts cleaned every three to five months.

Furnace Filter Cleaning for Your Home:

The role of a furnace filter is to trap dirt, dust, and other airborne particles found in the air. Because the furnace filter the air by trapping dust and dirt, it ultimately protects the heating/cooling system from many potential damages. During colder months, the use of the central heating system is high. Therefore, furnace filter cleaning should be done often during winter. Because most of the modern homes are tightly sealed, the indoor air circulates through the HVAC system. Thus, another reason to clean the furnace often to maintain air quality.

Why you Should Hire a Furnace Cleaning Expert:

When it comes to furnace maintenance and cleaning, the detailed cleaning should always be done by a professional furnace cleaner. HVAC pros will not only clean your furnace, but they will also check the health of your HVAC system and furnace too. Some of the other reasons to hire a pro are outlined below.

Accumulation of Soot in your Furnace:

Because of the excessive soot accumulation in the combustion chamber, the performance of your furnace can be hugely affected. A professional cleaner can adjust the burners and replace the heat exchangers if there is such a problem.

Furnace Showing no Blue Flame:

When the burners are dirty, the pilot light flame will look yellow. A professional furnace and HVAC specialist can check if your burners are dirty or if there is a crack in the heat exchanger.

Get Your Furnace Cleaned and Improve Your Air Quality Today with ADVANPRO in Calgary

If you have any questions or comments about installations or repairs for your furnace, duct, AC system or Installation of a new humidifier or hot water tank in your home we are here to help.

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