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9 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Furnace And Duct Cleaning Company

When it comes to choosing a duct cleaning company, information is power. The more you know about the services you need, the more informed you’ll be when it comes to selecting the right company to work with. You’ll be happier with the end result too. Here are some good questions you should ask when on the hunt for a professional duct cleaning company in Calgary.

1. How many vents are included?

Most duct cleaning companies charge based on the number of vents (or registers) connected to a furnace’s ductwork. This includes both the supply vents and returns air vents.

Make sure you ask how many vents are included in the advertised price and have the company outline the number in their quote. You’ll also want to find out what the cost is for each additional vent.

Tip: When counting the vents in your home, it helps to go room-by-room. Some rooms may have multiple vents. Be sure to look for vents behind or under furniture. In bathrooms, some heat registers are hidden on the sink cabinet base, just below the cabinet door. In the basement, be sure to look up: vents are often located on the ceiling! You do not need to include the bathroom exhaust fan/vent, as these are not part of the cleaning process.

2. Is the quote is all-in are there additional fees?

While the service company will rely on you to provide an accurate vent count, ensure they are upfront about any remaining costs so that there are no surprises when it’s time to pay.

Some providers will give you a lowball estimate to get your business, but then tack on “environmental fees” or “disposal charges” when it’s time to pay. So what seemed like a deal at the time isn’t really that much different from the price of a more reputable provider.

3. What type of cleaning equipment do they use?

A reputable duct cleaning company will have a specialized truck and professional equipment that ensures a quality job is done. There are a few different cleaning methods, however, the best ones involve a High-pressure Air Blow Gun and/or a High-speed Rotary Brush.

Find out if they use these methods, and if they don’t it’s a red flag. At Advanpro, our High-pressure Air Blow Gun and High Speed Rotary brush methods ensure we are able to provide our customers with the most effective cleaning option based on their budget. Our Silver Package uses the High-pressure Air Gun, and our Platinum Package uses the High-Speed Rotary Brush, followed by the High-pressure Air Gun.

4. Are their vacuums truck-mounted or portable?

If a company shows up to your home with a portable vacuum unit to collect dust and debris from your furnace and ductwork, it should set off alarm bells. Professional companies that specialize in duct cleaning use dedicated, built-for-purpose vacuum trucks. These trucks are designed to safely and efficiently draw and collect high-volumes of dust and debris from your duct system. Advanpro’s truck-mounted vacuums are capable of moving up to 9,000 cubic feet of air per minute!

Portable units will not provide adequate suction to do the job properly – and are a sure sign of a company that is not investing in their business or their customers.

5. Do they offer flexible scheduling and fixed appointment times?

You have a busy schedule and want appointments that are convenient for you and your family.  A customer service driven company should offer flexible appointment times, including evenings and weekends.

Choose a company that values your time, and will commit to promptly showing up at a specified time – instead of asking to wait for them to arrive at some point within a 5-hour window. (This is an aspect of Advanpro’s service that our busy customers truly appreciate.)

6. What’s involved with the furnace cleaning?

Make sure that the price includes a furnace cleaning. This should include a cleaning of the furnace cabinet, blower motor, and all other components – even the furnace doors. Ask if the price includes replacing the furnace filter.

At Advanpro, we go the extra step to remove the blower motor and assembly from your furnace to ensure more complete cleaning. Not all companies do this, as it takes time and can be difficult for inexperienced technicians.

If you have a high-efficiency furnace, the cleaning company will need to take additional steps to protect sensitive components. Advanpro offers a Bypass procedure. This added measure ensures that all dust and debris in your supply ductwork is collected before it enters your delicate Secondary Heat Exchanger (or A/C coil), where it can cause damage.

7. Can they clean your dryer vent while they’re at your home?

If you’re going to have your ducts cleaned, it’s always a good idea to bundle in additional services that you may need, including dryer vent cleaning. Ask if dryer vent cleaning is included in the price.

If it’s not, find out how much it is to add it to your quote. You can also ask about incentives to add in other services, maintenance work, or repairs. At Advanpro, we have three unique packages, and the Platinum and Ultimate Total Care packages both include dryer vent cleaning. It’s a great value-add for the client, and important service too.

What is dryer vent cleaning? Dryer vents are not connected to the furnace. Their job is to allow the air from your clothes dryer to exhaust outside. Lint can build up in the vent and in the dryer, and in some cases has been known to cause fires due to the heat generated by the dryer. Advanpro includes ground-floor dryer vent cleaning with our Platinum and Ultimate Total Care packages.

8. Do they offer value-added package deals?

If you’re looking for more comprehensive service, find out if they have value-add packages instead of single-service (a la carte) options. As a customer, it’s nice to be able to select or customize a package that works for you and will help you save a few bucks. Some great value-add services include furnace tune ups, A/C tune-ups, dryer vent cleaning, and bypass cleaning for high-efficiency furnaces. A professional company should also be able to advise you on which additional services you’d benefit based on your furnace and your home.

9. Do they guarantee their quotes?

No one likes surprises. There’s nothing more frustrating than being quoted one price and being billed another once the work is done. Confirm that the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay.

At Advanpro, we guarantee our quoted price. You just have to answer a few questions. This can be done online using our Online Duct Cleaning Quote Calculator, or by calling an Advanpro customer service representative 403-873-7779.

Do your research, review several companies, and select the one that offers the most professional services and great value. You and your home deserve it! Read more about duct & vent cleaning here.

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