Avoid cold showers and lower your water heating costs.

Energy-efficient upgrades starting at $1895.

Find the best hot water tank for your needs.


Add a new hot water tank to your furnace or A/C installation and save.

If you’re upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace or installing an air conditioner, add a new hot water tank to save $200 on installation.

To get this offer, request a hot water tank with your furnace quote or A/C quote, or call us to book an in-home quote.

We install hot water tanks by Bradford White, AO Smith, and GE.

Contact us for more details on hot water tank pricing and financing.

"Same day service when we had our hot water tank break and we were without hot water. Faster service and saved hundreds vs the quote I got from a major competitor. Also, no heavy sales pressure from the tech. He explained how to keep my new tank lasting for years to come. I really appreciate this top notch service. Highly recommend Advanpro!"

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Atmospheric Vented Hot Water Tank

Sizes for small to large homes and families. Prices include supply and installation:

40 gallon — $1895 + GST
50 gallon — $2195 + GST
75 gallon — $3695 + GST

Save $200 when combined with Furnace or A/C installation!

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Contact us to get answers to your hot water heating questions or request a quote.


Power Vented Hot Water Tank

Vents at the side of your home. Sizes for small to large homes and families:

40, 50, 75 gallon — Ask us for a quote

Save $200 when combined with Furnace or A/C installation!

Replacing an existing power-vented hot water tank? Save $300 on installation.

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Contact us to get answers to your hot water heating questions or request a quote.


Need even more hot water?

We also install tankless water heaters that offer significant utility cost savings, long-life, and best of all — unlimited hot water!

Hot Water Heating FAQs

In Calgary, Advanpro offers new 40-gallon hot water tanks for $1895 + GST and 50-gallon tanks for $2195 + GST, including professional installation.

Plus, get a $200 discount on hot water tank installation when combined with a new furnace or air conditioner install.

You may need to replace your hot water tank if you are running out of hot water, have rusty or discoloured water, frequently need to relight the pilot light, or have water pooling around the base of the tank.

Yes. Compared to older units, hot water tanks available now have improved insulation, burner design, and control systems.

Minerals from Calgary’s hard water build up over time, reducing the heating efficiency and available hot water of older tanks.

A 40-gallon hot water tank is ideal for one or two people. A 50-gallon tank is usually enough for a family of four or five.

Larger households or families with higher hot water usage should consider a 75-gallon tank, multiple hot water tanks, or a tankless water heater

Most hot water tank brands have a six-year warranty.

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We also offer furnaces, air conditioners, humidifiers, and air quality systems — from high-quality brands including LennoxHealthy Climate, and General Aire.

"Advanpro's service was friendly and competent. Price was reasonable and I was given a number of useful maintenance tips to help prolong the life of my furnace and hot-water heater."