Install a tankless water heater — get endless hot water and lower utility bills.

High-efficiency upgrades starting at $5595.

Find the best tankless water heater for your needs.


Add a tankless water heater to your furnace or A/C installation and save.

If you’re upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace or installing an air conditioner, add a new tankless water heater to save $200 on installation.

To get this offer, request a tankless water heater with your furnace quote or A/C quote, or call us to book an in-home quote.

We install tankless water heaters by Noritz.

"Advanpro installed a tankless hot water system after our hot water tank died. From initial quote to installation, this company provided the best service I've had in years. Having the financing link right on the website provided additional ease for a big ticket purchase right before the holidays. I can not recommend this company enough and will be telling all my homeowner friends about this company for any of their household needs. Thank you for the amazing service everyone at Advanpro."

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Noritz EZ-series

Tankless Water Heater

High-efficiency, condensing tankless water heater with long-lasting heat exchanger design. Best of all — unlimited hot water!

Starting at $5595 + GST
Price includes supply and installation.
Various models available

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Noritz NRCR-series

Recirculating Tankless Water Heater

Recirculates hot water through your plumbing system, so it's always available. Wherever and whenever you need it!

Starting at $5595 + GST
Price includes supply and installation.
Various models available

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Tankless Water Heater FAQs

In Calgary, Advanpro offers Noritz EZ- and NRCR-series tankless water heaters starting at $5595 + GST, including professional installation. Contact us to get a detailed quote for your home.

Plus, get a $200 discount on tankless water heater installation when combined with a new furnace or air conditioner install.

Tankless water heaters cost more than hot water tanks, but are far more efficient and long-lasting. Installation often requires new gas or electrical lines. Based on energy cost savings, a tankless water heater can pay for itself in 6 years or less.

Yes. Tankless water heaters offer significant efficiency gains and utility cost savings when compared to typical hot water tanks.

Up to 50% of the fuel a hot water tank uses is wasted on “standby loss” — maintaining water temperature when it’s not in use. Because they heat water on-demand, tankless water heaters use 25% to 50% less fuel.

For larger households or families with higher hot water usage, a tankless water heater is often a better choice than multiple large hot water tanks. 

As an added “efficiency benefit”, tankless water heaters are wall-mounted and very compact — you’ll love the extra space in your basement or garage!

When the hot water flow is turned on at a tap or appliance, the tankless water heater detects it and ignites natural gas burners to heat water passing through the heat exchanger, reaching temperature within a few seconds. When the flow is shut off, the heater detects it and shuts off. 

Tankless water heaters provide endless hot water, but often not instant hot water. It takes a few seconds for water to reach temperature and run through the pipes.

Once you get used to a tankless water heater, it’s hard to go back. It’s not just the energy savings — top-rated units generate enough hot water to allow two showers to run at the same time!

Unlike typical hot water tanks, the internal parts of a tankless water heater are serviceable and replaceable. With regular service, they can be maintained for decades.

Recirculating tankless water heaters like the Noritz NRCR-series constantly circulate hot water through the plumbing system so it can be provided instantly throughout your home.

A recirculating model can be a good choice if you want to avoid the few-second delay for hot water, but still want the efficiency and reliability benefits of a tankless water heater. 

When used for single-family homes, Noritz tankless water heaters have excellent heat exchanger replacement warranties:

  • 25 years for EZ-series models
  • 15 years for NRCR-series recirculating models

Advanpro offers a 10-year labour warranty on installations. An annual service and flush (performed by Advanpro) is required to maintain the warranty and ensure optimal performance with Calgary’s hard water. 

To ensure the longevity of your tankless water heater, we recommend an annual service and flush to remove mineral build up from Calgary’s hard water. 

Many tankless water heaters have internal monitoring systems that inform you when the unit requires maintenance. A water softener can also help to reduce calcification problems.

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"I love this company for my HVAC needs. From the sales team Don to the technician Patryk and to the gals Sara and Jennifer on the phone, they do an outstanding job! I had a new energy efficient furnace and hot water tank plus a humidifier installed approximately 6 weeks ago, and everything is running smoothly. Also had the city's inspector looked at the work recently, and everything is good (passed)."