Avoid dry air problems and reduce allergy symptoms.

Installed for $549 + GST. Add to a duct cleaning package and save $50!

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Maintain ideal indoor humidity.

A whole-home humidifier helps to prevent dry indoor air, which is common in Calgary. Dry air causes the following problems:

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"Advanpro cleaned both of our furnaces and added a humidifier. Peter and Conner were very professional, they worked hard and cleaned up their work space after they were finished. The humidifier installation looks clean and tidy and they showed me how to adjust humidity and change the filter. Would definitely recommend them and use them again."
Prevent humidifier leaks with a high-quality Advanpro installation

We install humidifiers with braided stainless steel water supply lines and properly-plumbed, high-quality ball shut-off valves. Low-quality vinyl tubing and cheap saddle valves are common causes of humidifier leaks.

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Our team has the skills and equipment to diagnose and repair any humidifier problem — or professionally install a new unit.

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Model 3200DMM Humidifier

General Aire

Evaporates water within to distribute moisture by warm furnace air.

$549 + GST
Price includes supply and high-quality installation with a new steel braided supply line and ball shut off valve.

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Model 1042DMM Humidifier

General Aire

Uses a water-soaked pad to absorb moisture that is distributed by warm furnace air.

$549 + GST
Price includes supply and high-quality installation with a new steel braided supply line and ball shut off valve.

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Contact us to get answers to your humidifier questions or request a quote.

Humidifier FAQs

In Calgary, we install new humidifiers for $549 + GST, including high-quality installation with a braided stainless steel water supply line and properly-plumbed, high-quality ball shut-off valve.

Beware low-quality installations! Most humidifier leaks are caused by improper installation using cheap vinyl tubing and saddle valves.

Yes, it can. Because moist air feels warmer than dry air, using a humidifier allows you to lower your thermostat by a degree or two without reducing your comfort level — but reducing your utility bill!

Your furnace runs more frequently during cold weather, which is also when additional humidity is needed. 

Bypass-style humidifiers are ideal for Calgary homes. They passively moisten warm air using an easy-to-replace humidifier pad, powered by the built-in furnace fan. Their only moving part is a solenoid, which rarely fails and often lasts 10 years or more.

Drum-style and steam-powered humidifiers are not recommended for Calgary homes. They get calcified from our hard water, require constant maintenance, and can fail prematurely.

Yes. Using a humidifier to maintain consistent indoor humidity minimizes the expansion and contraction of your wood flooring, cabinets, and furniture.

Very low humidity (less than 35%) is common in Calgary. When indoor air is that dry, wood loses moisture — leading to shrinking, warping, and curling. Laminate flooring layers can start to separate.

Many flooring manufacturers’ warranties require a whole-home humidifier. Consistent humidity also helps your expensive wood furniture and treasured antiques look better and last longer. 

Yes. Many people experience negative health effects at humidity levels below 30%, which is common in Calgary.

When indoor air is too dry, most people experience dry, itchy, or flakey skin. Others develop a scratchy throat or raw sinus passages. Some adults and children get nose bleeds or have breathing difficulties. Hair can feel damaged and frizzy. Allergies and asthma symptoms may act up.

In the Winter, dry, hot air from your furnace makes it even worse. 

Using a whole-home humidifier restores proper humidity levels, even during the driest Winter months. Your home will feel more comfortable, and so will your skin, hair, and sinuses.

Yes, but in Calgary humidifiers are only needed during the drier, colder months. During Summer, the ambient humidity ranges from 30% to 50%, which is ideal. 

Most Calgary homes have a bypass-style humidifier that operates when the furnace runs, which doesn’t need to be switched on or off. 

If you do turn off your humidifier, remember to turn it back on in the Fall!

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"I had a problem with my furnace mounted humidifer so I had called Advanpro to come check it out for me as mine was leaking all over the basement. They installed a new one, a much better model. Install is amazing. Also had my furnace and ducts done at the same time. Would recommend them. Thanks Peter and Tim for the great service."