Air Conditioning Service & Repair

$109.95 regular call outs

Our A/C technicians are ready to help.

Regular hours call-out & diagnosis

Our certified, experienced technicians are just a phone call away if you need quick answers or emergency air conditioning service.

During regular business hours, we charge a low $109.95 call-out & diagnosis fee. You can also send us a message to ask questions first.

"I called about an air conditioner problem and from start to finish the service was excellent. The issue was identified quickly and remedied promptly. Both technicians were thorough, informative and professional. I would recommend Advanpro highly!"

Fixed right the first time, guaranteed!

Accurate diagnosis, quality work.

Same-day call outs available.

Get up and running again, ASAP.

Transparent repair pricing.

No hidden fees!

Air Conditioner Repair Prices

Diagnostics & maintenance Price
A/C repair call-out & diagnosis fee $109
A/C tune up $179
Refrigerant top up service $239 - $419
R410a refrigerant
$/oz weighed-in
Leak repair services Price
Leak search - dye kit $499
Leak search - refrigerant sniffer $129 - $419
Leak repair - braze at joint $999 - $1699
Schrader valve replacement $239
Part replacement services Price
Contactor replacement $239 - $419
Compressor coil replacement
Dual run capacitor replacement $239 - $419
Evaporator coil replacement
Thermal expansion (TX) valve replacement $1299 - $1699
A/C relocation & reinstallation Price
Relocate A/C condenser Starting at $1699
Remove and reinstall A/C condenser
As required by nearby renovation or construction
Air Conditioner Repair FAQs

In Calgary, Advanpro offers professional A/C diagnosis for $109.95 during regular business hours.

Air conditioner repair prices vary depending on the problem, parts, and labour required. Our technician will diagnose the problem and provide you with a price quote for repairs.

Before we proceed with repairs, you’ll be able to review and approve the price quote and discuss your options with our team.

If your air conditioner is over 10 years old and the price of the repair is $900 or more, replacing your A/C unit can be a smart financial choice. This is also true if you think failure is imminent.

A new high-efficiency air conditioner could save you up to 30% on your cooling bill. New units use R410a refrigerant, while many older units use R22, a very expensive refrigerant that is being phased out.

Combined with the repair cost savings, lower utility bills can start offsetting the cost of your new air conditioner immediately.

You should also consider upgrading to a heat pump, which may be eligible for valuable government grants to further offset your costs.

A properly installed and maintained air conditioner can last 20 years or more.

To extend the life of A/C components and significantly reduce the chance of failure, some preventative maintenance is essential:

"This is an amazing company! Have had them out three times (once for a furnace clean, once for an A/C service and once because my A/C was not working). The employees are all extremely helpful, pleasant, and accommodating. They are careful to not wear dirty boots in the house and careful to not make a mess. They are very friendly."

Repair guarantee

If the diagnosed issue is not fixed by our initial repair, we will dispatch the first available service technician to return and fix it at no additional cost.

If we determine that there is an additional unrelated issue, there may be a charge for the additional repair.