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High-pressure Air "Blow Gun Method"​
$ 159.95
  + GST


High-speed Rotary "Brush Method"
$ 199.95
  + GST

Ultimate Total Care

Furnace Cleaning & Maintenance Plan
$ 319.95
  + GST


New home? High-efficiency furnace? This one's for you.

Introducing the High-Efficiency package — Get our popular Platinum package plus essentials for new homes and furnaces: high-efficiency bypass, fresh air intake and HRV cleaning. All-in-one!

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For New Furnaces & Homes (2016 or later)
$ 279.95
  + GST
SAVE $30+
Add-on Services
Bypass – Required for high-efficiency furnaces or A/C (includes patches and sealing) $49.95
Dryer Vent Cleaning – Ground Floor $59.95
Dryer Vent Cleaning – 2nd Floor or Rooftop $129.95
Exhaust Flu Stack Cleaning $89.95
Furnace Tune Up – with Furnace & Duct Cleaning $109.95
Heat Recovery Ventilator Cleaning $59.95
Humidifier Service and Pad Replacement $59.95
Microban Duct Work Sanitizing (per furnace) $79.95
Additional Furnace Cleaning
Per furnace in the same property
Additional Furnace Cleaning – Ultimate Total Care or High-Efficiency
Per furnace in the same property
Furnace & Duct Cleaning FAQs

In Calgary, Advanpro offers furnace and duct cleaning packages starting at $159.95 + GST. For exact pricing, get an instant quote!

Every Advanpro furnace and duct cleaning includes:

  • High-volume, truck-mounted duct vacuum and air compressor – operated by a 2-person crew
  • Furnace blower motor assembly is removed & cleaned
  • Drop sheets, corner protectors & register covers
  • Cleaning of the system in “zones” to ensure dust and debris is completely removed from your system
  • Testing for normal furnace sequence operation, including ignition, inducer motor, and blower motor

View the complete 23-point checklist →

Yes. Advanpro provides professional cleaning for condo unit fan coils and all attached duct work. We charge a flat rate of $350 + GST for single-coil units and $450 + GST for dual-coil units. 

We recommend annual furnace and duct cleaning to keep your indoor air as clean as possible and ensure your furnace is running at maximum efficiency.

Cleaning your furnace and ducts in late Summer or early Fall will improve your indoor air quality during the Winter, when fresh air only enters your home through the heating system.

After a renovation, furnace and duct cleaning is essential to prevent the spread of construction-related debris, contaminants, and dust throughout your home.

Annual duct cleanings also help to reduce built-up odours, dander, and fur from cats or dogs that shed.

Yes. Furnace and duct cleaning removes built-up dust, pollen, allergens and respiratory irritants from your heating system. It also reduces odours caused by forest fire smoke, cigarettes, and mold.

Otherwise, built-up contaminants get cycled through your home whenever your furnace or air conditioner runs — even if you dust and vacuum regularly.

If you or your loved ones suffer from respiratory issues or allergies, we recommend brush-method duct cleaning to physically loosen allergens and irritants, plus a ductwork sanitizing treatment.

For long-term, everyday protection, consider installing a whole-home air quality system.

Ductwork sanitizing treatments give you the reassurance that your ductwork is sterile and free of contaminants that negatively impact your respiratory and overall health.

Microban is a hospital-grade sanitizing solution, which kills 99.99% of germs, viruses, funguses, molds, and other pathogens.

We also offer Benefect, an all-natural sanitizer made from plant extracts, which also kills 99.99% of germs, viruses, funguses, and molds. ​

Yes. Cleaning your ducts, furnace, and blower motor maximizes heating efficiency and ensures your furnace isn’t working harder than it needs to.

If your ducts, filters, and vents are dirty, airflow is impeded. When airflow is impeded, your furnace has to run harder and more frequently to heat your home to a set temperature. A furnace that runs more consumes more electricity and natural gas — directly increasing your bills.

Cleaning your furnace and ductwork — plus regular furnace filter changes, every three months — allows your furnace to operate at maximum efficiency, which minimizes your energy use and costs.

Yes. Cleaning your furnace including the blower motor (like Advanpro does) prevents accumulated dust and debris from reducing the life of your furnace.

Reduced airflow through the furnace and ducts requires the furnace to run longer and more often to hold a consistent temperature, and blocked cooling passages in the blower motor cause it to overheat more easily. 

This combination leads to “short cycling”, which is when the furnace runs briefly, overheats, shuts off, then starts again. Short cycling adds unnecessary wear on the blower motor and heat exchanger — often the most expensive components to replace in a furnace. 

For older furnaces, adding a furnace tune up helps to maintain performance and identify issues before they require repairs.

"I had James and Tim T for the furnace and duct cleaning. They were punctual and very friendly. They called ahead of time as they were running ahead of schedule and could arrive early. They were careful carrying in and out their equipment, and left the furnace area clean after job. I would recommend their service!"