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"Unit works perfectly, municipal inspection passed today with no issues. Installation was on time. Installer was professional. Yard and interior workspace was cleaned up."
10 year parts and labour warranty

We stand behind every A/C installation with our industry-leading ten year parts and labour warranty.

Affordable and efficient.

With ratings up to 17.8 SEER2, Merit Series can help save you hundreds of dollars on your utility bills, compared to older air conditioners.

From $53 per month · $
No payments or interest for 6 months.

Merit Series

ML18XC2 – Two-stage, 17.8 SEER2, 75 dB
ML17XC1 – Single-stage, 16.2 SEER, 73 dB
ML14XC1 – Single-stage, 15.2 SEER, 73 dB

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Quiet and adaptable.

Elite Series adapts to your cooling needs — ensuring even temperature distribution and quieter operation.

From $71 per month · $$
No payments or interest for 6 months.

Elite Series

EL18XCV – Variable, 17.2 SEER2, 72 dB
EL17XC1 – Single-stage, 17.4 SEER2, 72 dB

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When only the best will do.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection air conditioners are the most precise and efficient you can buy.

From $88 per month · $$$
No payments or interest for 6 months.

Signature Collection

SL28XCV – Variable, 25.8 SEER2, 56 dB
XC21 – Two-stage, 19.2 SEER2, 69 dB

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Air Conditioning Installation FAQs

In Calgary, it typically costs between $4,000 and $8,500 to install a new air conditioning system.

The following are typical price ranges, including installation:

Builder’s Grade, 13 SEER, single-stage: $4,000 to $5,300
Quieter, 14 SEER, single-stage: $4,500 to $6,000

Very Quiet, 16 SEER, single- or two-stage: $5,000 to $7,200
Quietest, 18 SEER, variable-capacity: $6,000 to $8,500

Higher-end A/C units offer multi-stage condensers and quieter operation. Exact pricing depends on model and cooling needs. Get a free custom quote for your home.

Yes. Instead of stretching your budget or settling for a lower cost unit, financing can help you get the A/C features you want by spreading the cost into monthly payments.

Advanpro has partnered with Financeit to provide flexible payment plans. Applications are usually approved within a few minutes.

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Air conditioners are sized by “ton”, which isn’t the weight but a rating for cooling capacity.

For example, an A/C unit rated for 1-ton of cooling can remove 12,000 BTU of hot air per hour, which is equivalent to cooling 700 sq. ft of a modern home (above grade). A 3-ton air conditioner would be about the right size for a modern 2,100 sq. ft home.

Ultimately, the dimensions and age of your home determine the size of A/C unit(s) you need. For exact sizing and pricing, get a free in-home or no-visit quote from Advanpro.

Rated at 65 dB, the Lennox EL16XC1 is the quietest A/C unit on the market — you won’t hear it running from inside your home.

We also offer Lennox Merit-series units rated at 72 to 74 dB, which are still affordable but quieter than discount-brand A/C units.

Lennox and Trane make high-quality air conditioners that are available in Calgary. Advanpro is a Lennox Premier dealer.

Air conditioner brand and quality does matter. Spending more on a high-quality, efficient, and reliable A/C unit now means you’ll be spending less on cooling costs and maintenance in the future.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio — A/C units with a higher SEER rating are more expensive, but cost less to operate.

Yes. If your A/C unit is 10 years old or more, more efficient units are available that can reduce your cooling costs by 20-30%.
New thermostats manage both when set to auto: activating the air conditioner for cooling or the furnace for heating.

Yes. Regular A/C tune ups and routine maintenance maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioner.

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We also install furnaces, indoor air quality systems, humidifiers, and hot water tanks — from high-quality brands including Lennox, Healthy ClimateGeneral Aire, and Bradford White.

Hot Water Heaters

Bradford White, Noritz

"After talking to several companies for a full month who weren't sure of the new home building code ... I reached out to Advanpro. Mike was able to answer all of my questions and helped me understand what I needed to know about the code. His quotes and replies were quick and efficient. The installers arrived as promised and did a thorough job. They were both friendly and the work is flawless. I'm so excited to have went with Advanpro and to finally be enjoying my A/C :)"

Quote guarantee


When we receive an online furnace or air conditioning quote request and the customer accepts the initial quote, we’ll send a comfort advisor to confirm the provided information and quoted price in person.

If the comfort advisor finds any inaccuracies during the in person visit, we’ll revise the quoted price on the spot. After the quoted price is confirmed with an in person visit, the price is set.

If there are unforeseen complications on the date of install, Advanpro will not pass the additional costs along to the customer. (See exceptions in Terms below.)


The guarantee is not valid if the customer provides inaccurate information when Advanpro seeks to confirm any information about the quote. This also applies to the on-site confirmation visit.

In the exceptional circumstance that the chimney liner required for most furnace installations cannot be installed or gets stuck during installation, the guarantee no longer applies and we will provide a supplementary quote to complete installation.

We do not warranty or guarantee customer-supplied thermostats.

Correct A/C sizing guarantee

If the air conditioner Advanpro installs is determined to be improperly sized for your home, we will supply and install the correctly-sized A/C condenser at no additional cost.

Advanpro must be immediately notified of any install issues. The guarantee applies for 3 months, starting from the installation date. The guarantee no longer applies if, at any time after the quote or installation, modifications are made to the home that impact cooling requirements.