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"I had problems with the furnace fan ... Michael diagnosed the problem, which was a blown relay on the circuit board. He had a replacement board in his service truck, installed the part, and had the furnace up and running right away. He also improved the wiring on the thermostat. Michael is a skilled professional and Advanpro is top notch. I will be calling them again when the need arrives."

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Furnace Repair Prices

Level 1 Price
Blower motor capacitor repair $199
Burner assembly cleaning $199
Condensate trap blockage cleaning $199
Filter assembly blockage cleaning $109 - $199
Flame sensor or rod replacement $199
Intake or exhaust blockage cleaning $199
Thermocouple replacement $199
Thermostat replacement, basic $199
Thermostat replacement, smart $450 - $550
Wiring repair $199
Level 2 Price
Igniter replacement $379
Limit switch replacement $379
Pressure switch replacement $379
Level 3 Price
Fan limit control replacement $599
Level 4+ Price
Blower motor replacement $899
Control board replacement $899 - $1399
Gas valve replacement $899
Ignition control board replacement $899 - $1399
Inducer motor replacement $899 - $1399
Plugged heat exchanger repair (in warranty) $1699
Variable Price
Back-sloped furnace levelling
Depends on difficulty
$199 - $599
Improper furnace venting correction
Depends on complexity and accessibility
$199 - $1499
Furnace Repair FAQs

In Calgary, Advanpro offers professional furnace diagnosis for $109.95 during regular business hours.

Use our furnace troubleshooting guide to identify problems, look up error codes, and estimate furnace repair costs.

Furnace repair prices vary depending on the problem, parts, and labour required. Expect to pay from $199 for a basic repair, up to $1699 for a major component replacement. 

If your furnace is over 15 years old and the price of the repair is $900 or more, replacing your furnace can be a smart financial choice. This is also true if you think failure is imminent.

Combined with the repair cost savings, lower utility bills can offset the cost of your new furnace in as little as 5 years. 

A properly installed and maintained gas furnace should last 20 years or more.

To extend the life of furnace components and significantly reduce the chance of failure, these preventative maintenance services are essential:

Refer to our furnace maintenance guide for even more!

"I called Matt at Advanpro at 8 pm on a Sunday night. -28 outside and my furnace had quit. Matt showed up within the hour and had the problem fixed promptly. He was very knowledgeable and efficient. He actually diagnosed and remedied a long standing problem that other servicemen had not. I will replace the furnace this summer and plan on using Advanpro and preferably Matt. Excellent service!"

Repair guarantee

If the diagnosed issue is not fixed by our initial repair, we will dispatch the first available service technician to return and fix it at no additional cost.

If we determine that there is an additional unrelated issue, there may be a charge for the additional repair.