Save $1000 when you combine furnace replacement with A/C installation.

If you’re upgrading your furnace and thinking about whole-home air conditioning, do both to save $1000 on installation!

To get this offer, simply request an A/C quote with your furnace quote

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"Kai, Matt and all the Advanpro team were highly professional from preparing a quote through install through delivering registration/warranty documents. They made sure we understood the options and how the heating system works, answering all our questions. A wonderful experience."

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Affordable and efficient.

Merit Series furnaces are ​96% fuel-efficient — a massive leap forward in heating cost savings and comfort, for an affordable price.

Starting at $5495 + GST or $74/month
Price includes supply and installation.

Merit Series

ML296V – Variable blower, Two-stage
ML196E – Single-stage heating

Dual-fuel compatible with Lennox heat pumps.

View Lennox Merit Series brochure

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Quiet and adaptable.

Elite Series furnaces combine 96% fuel-efficiency with a sound insulated blower cabinet for even heat distribution and quieter operation.

Starting at $6495 + GST or $87/month
Price includes supply and installation.

Elite Series

EL296V – Variable blower, Two-stage
EL296E – Two-stage heating
EL196E – Single-stage heating

Dual-fuel compatible with Lennox heat pumps.

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When only the best will do.

Signature Collection furnaces control your indoor environment for the best in silence, consistency, and comfort — with up to 99% fuel-efficiency!

Starting at $8695 + GST or $117/month
Price includes supply and installation.

Signature Collection

With a modulating gas valve, variable-speed ECM blower motor, and acoustically insulated blower cabinet, the SLP99V is the quietest and most-efficient Lennox furnace.

Dual-fuel compatible with Lennox heat pumps.

View Lennox SLP99V brochure →

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10 year parts and labour warranty

We stand behind every furnace installation with our industry-leading ten year parts and labour warranty.

Furnace Installation FAQs

In Calgary, a new high-efficiency furnace typically costs between $5,500 and $7,500, including installation.

While all new furnaces are “high-efficiency”, units with multi-stage heating and advanced blower control have improved efficiency and quieter operation.

The following are typical price ranges, including installation:

Single-stage furnace, fixed-speed blower: $5,500 to $7,500
Two-stage furnace, variable-speed blower: $6,500 to $9,000
Modulating furnace, variable-speed blower: $8,700 to $10,000

Furnace pricing depends on the model you choose, but also on home size and installation requirements. To find out, get a free online or in-home quote.

Yes. Furnaces more than 10 years old are only 60 to 80% fuel-efficient and their reliability gets worse over time (especially without regular maintenance).

All new furnaces are high-efficiency — 96% fuel-efficient or better — and we offer models rated up to 99% fuel-efficient. If you replace an old furnace, the heating cost savings can be substantial.

Yes. Older furnaces typically exhaust through a rooftop flue which acts as a common exhaust for your furnace and hot water tank. New high-efficiency furnaces usually exhaust through an outside wall, close to the ground.

During the quoting process, our installation experts will review the specifics of your home, the proximity to your neighbours, and determine if building code will permit your new furnace to exhaust through an outside wall or an existing roof flue.

Depending on the age of your old furnace and the dimensions the new unit, some modifications may be required.

Two of the most common modifications are:

  1. Plenum adapter or replacement supply and return air plenums — New furnaces are more compact than older units, so a plenum adapter is often needed to connect the furnace to the ducts that draw in cold air and push out hot air to your home. In some cases, the plenum itself may need to be replaced.
  2. Upgraded air filtration rack — The existing filtration rack (where the furnace filter goes) may need replacement due to wear or an improper fit. If you want to add an upgraded air filtration system, it’s best to do it as part of your new furnace install.

During the quoting process, we’ll inspect your existing furnace and ductwork and include the required modifications in your quote.

We stand behind every furnace install with our industry-leading ten year parts and labour warranty.

The following are signs that your furnace needs replacement or repair:

  • Furnace runs but little or no heat comes out
  • Pilot-light fails and needs to be re-lit often
  • Delayed furnace ignition or start-up
  • Bad odours emitted from furnace
  • Sudden rise in heating costs​
  • Frequent or costly repairs

If your older furnace is causing problems we can do a diagnostic to provide prices for repair as well as a furnace replacement quote. Then you can compare the costs and choose the best option.

If your furnace is as old as your home and requires a major repair, the heating and repair cost savings can often make a new high-efficiency furnace a better long-term financial decision.

More products and services

To maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your furnace, we offer complete furnace cleaning and tune up services.

You can always rely on Advanpro — even if it’s -30°C and 3:00AM. We offer 24-hour emergency furnace repair.

We also install air conditioners, air quality systems, humidifiers, and hot water tanks — from high-quality brands including Lennox, Healthy Climate, General Aire, and Bradford White.

Hot Water Heaters

Bradford White, Noritz

"We had Advanpro install new high efficiency Dave Lennox signature series furnace, it’s awesome so quiet barely hear it running, very professional install, we’ve recommended Advanpro to many family and friends 👍👌"

Quote guarantee


When we receive an online furnace or air conditioning quote request and the customer accepts the initial quote, we’ll send a comfort advisor to confirm the provided information and quoted price in person.

If the comfort advisor finds any inaccuracies during the in person visit, we’ll revise the quoted price on the spot. After the quoted price is confirmed with an in person visit, the price is set.

If there are unforeseen complications on the date of install, Advanpro will not pass the additional costs along to the customer. (See exceptions in Terms below.)


The guarantee is not valid if the customer provides inaccurate information when Advanpro seeks to confirm any information about the quote. This also applies to the on-site confirmation visit.

In the exceptional circumstance that the chimney liner required for most furnace installations cannot be installed or gets stuck during installation, the guarantee no longer applies and we will provide a supplementary quote to complete installation.

We do not warranty or guarantee customer-supplied thermostats.

Correct furnace sizing guarantee

If the furnace Advanpro installs is determined to be undersized for your home, we will supply and install the correctly-sized furnace at no additional cost.

Advanpro must be immediately notified of any install issues. The guarantee applies for 3 months, starting from the installation date. The guarantee no longer applies if, at any time after the quote or installation, modifications are made to the home that impact heating requirements.