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To customize your quote, we'll need you to provide details about your home, furnace, and the features you want for your new air conditioner. This should only take 5-10 minutes.

It's easiest to complete this form on your smartphone, as you may need to verify a few things inside and outside your home.

Home: Style

The next few questions help us understand the type, layout, area, and age of your home.

Home: Stories and layout

Home layout affects the required cooling output.

Home: Age and area

Home age and area affect required cooling output.

If you have multiple furnaces, only provide the floor area serviced by the furnace(s) you want A/C installed on. For example, if you have two furnaces, but only want A/C installed on the furnace that services your 2nd floor, only provide the floor area of your 2nd floor.

Home: Basement type

Basement type affects cooling and installation requirements.

Home: Sun exposure, warm areas

Homes with more sun exposure or warmer areas require more cooling output.

Furnace: Number of furnaces

Some larger homes have multiple furnaces.

Furnace: Types

The type of furnace affects A/C installation requirements. How to identify your furnace type

Furnace: Heating zones

Newer homes may have 2 or more heating zones. If you have more thermostats than furnaces, your home has multiple heating zones.


You'll need an A/C-compatible thermostat that can cycle between 'Cool', 'Heat' and 'Auto'.

A/C: Installation details

Help us understand your cooling needs.

A/C: Unit location

Tell us about the area where you want the A/C unit located.

Furnace room: Location

Air conditioners are connected by coolant lines to an evaporator coil installed on your furnace. Help us understand where we will need to run these lines.

Furnace room: Line length

We're trying to determine the length of the line set needed for installation. The line length needed is the distance from your furnace(s) to the exterior wall at your ideal A/C condenser location (from the previous questions).

Furnace room: Floor drain location

When the A/C is running, water condensates on the evaporator coil and drains from the collection pan to a hard pipe drain line we install, which leads to the nearest floor drain. If there isn't one near your furnace, we'll install a condensate pump to pump the water to another existing drain.

Electrical panel

To install the 2-pole breaker required for the A/C condenser, we'll need at least 2 empty breaker slots in your electrical panel. If you're not sure, we'll ask for a photo of your electrical panel when we send your quote.

A/C system features

There are multiple tiers of air conditioners, which offer additional features and functionality.


Select add-ons to include in your quote and we'll provide individual pricing for each. If you change your mind about any or all of the add-ons, we can remove them from the quote later.

Add-ons: A/C Winter cover

Protect your investment when not in use.

Add-ons: Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat connects to your smartphone for remote control and furnace problem monitoring.

Add-ons: Humidifier

Maintain ideal indoor humidity to avoid dry air problems and reduce allergy symptoms. Learn more

Add-ons: Indoor air quality

Upgraded filtration and purification systems can remove airborne particles, microbes, viruses, and odours from your indoor air. Learn more

Additional comments or requests

Please let us know if there are any other details or special considerations we need to know about for your quote.

Service address

We use Google Maps to get an idea of how your home is oriented relative to the sun. We also take other factors into account to ensure we provide the best price possible and that the unit is properly sized for your home.

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Furnace types

High-efficiency furnaces have white or black plastic vent pipes, which are 2″ – 3″ in diameter.

Mid-efficiency furnaces are usually less than 25 years old and have no pilot light.

Low-efficiency or “Standard” furnaces are more than 25 years old and usually have a pilot light.