Air Conditioning Service & Repair

$99.95 regular call outs

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Regular hours call-out & diagnosis

Our certified, experienced technicians are just a phone call away if you need quick answers or emergency air conditioning service.

We charge a low $99.95 call-out & diagnosis fee during regular business hours. You can also send us a message to ask questions and find out how we can meet your specific needs.

Should you try repairing your A/C unit yourself?

We offer simple troubleshooting over the phone, but always recommend diagnosis and repair by a certified technician.

Here are some common air conditioner issues you can try first:

When to call us for professional A/C repair

To avoid permanent damage, additional repairs, or a shortened A/C unit lifespan, the following problems should be diagnosed by our certified technicians:

How much will an A/C repair cost?

Repair costs can vary based on what we discover during diagnosis. Once we identify the issue, we’ll explain the options you have and provide a repair price quote for your approval before we proceed.

"Really appreciated Advanpro's prompt service this sweltering long weekend when our AC stopped working (not their install) and our installer was unable to be reached. Michael had our unit back up and running in no time - we could not be more grateful for his service!"
"This is an amazing company! Have had them out three times (once for a furnace clean, once for an A/C service and once because my A/C was not working). The employees are all extremely helpful, pleasant, and accommodating. They are careful to not wear dirty boots in the house and careful to not make a mess. They are very friendly."