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Minimize your cooling bill.

Over time, air conditioners gradually lose efficiency and cooling capacity. An A/C tune up ensures optimal operation so you can enjoy a comfortable home and minimize costs.

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A/C Tune Up Prices & Packages


A/C Tune Up
$ 169
  • Inspect – Evaporator, Condenser, Wiring
  • Test & Check – Switches, Circuits, Sensors
  • Supply & Service – Level, Adjust, Clean
  • Measure & Record – Power, Temperatures

Ultimate Tune Up Package

Tune Up & Maintenance Plan
$ 269
  • Everything in Standard Tune Up
  • 2 year Total Care Plan, including:
  • 2 year furnace filter supply (8 filters)
  • Priority no-cooling emergency call out
  • 20% discount on all services for 2 years

What does an A/C Tune Up include?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an A/C tune up?

  1. Reduced electricity bills and operating costs. When the unit operates as designed, electricity usage is reduced.
  2. Maximized cooling capacity. Home comfort on the hottest of days with minimum run time and costs.
  3. Minimized repair bills. Detect small issues early on before they turn into big issues.
  4. Extend your A/C system lifespan.
How often should I get my A/C unit tuned up?

We recommend servicing your A/C system once a year. The best time is Spring to early Summer.

What air temperature should my A/C unit be producing in my home?

When working properly, the A/C system should be able to keep your home between 17 C – 20 C. If your A/C Unit is struggling to keep your home temperature in this range or seems to be running more frequently than usual, consider having it tuned up by our certified technicians.

What are some signs that my A/C unit needs to be serviced by a professional?

Your air conditioner needs service if it is making strange noises, not all areas in your home are being cooled, or your utility bills are higher than usual.

"This is the second time we have used Advanpro and we were extremely pleased with the service. Pat and Brad were the techs who came out and they were very professional and extremely friendly. My husband and I felt like they went above and beyond with the service they provided and we will be sure to use them again in the future! Thank you!!"
"I enjoyed some fast and friendly, personable service from Pete and Tim today who came by to clean our home furnace. Pete informed me I should use a lighter furnace filter in the summer months for the AC. Not only that — he left me with two light furnace filters so that I would have them handy for when the AC months come around again."