Air Conditioning Tune Ups

Start Saving Money Today With Your AC Tune Up

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  • Enjoy home comfort and peace of mind.
  • Catch A/C issues early to save money and hassle.

Affordable and Efficient AC Tune Ups in Calgary

As central A/C systems age, they tend to gradually lose efficiency and cooling capacity. An air conditioning tune up with Advanpro ensures that your unit is operating at full capacity.

Our certified techs flag any system issues early on, before the unit stops working and breaks the bank. With an air conditioning tune up from Advanpro, you can rest assured that the A/C system in your home is running properly and efficiently, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable home environment on the hottest days.

An A/C tune up reduces electricity costs, saving you money while keeping your home temperature regulated.

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Why should I get an AC tune up if there are no problems?

A thorough A/C Tune Up with Advanpro ensures that your central air conditioning system is operating as intended from the manufacturer.

You’ll benefit from:

  1. Reduced electricity bills and operating costs. When the unit operates as designed, run time is minimized and electricity usage is reduced.
  2. Maximized cooling capacity, ensures home comfort on the hottest of days.
  3. Minimized repair bills. Detect small issues early on before they turn into big issues.
  4. Extend the lifespan of your A/C system.


Regular maintenance of your A/C unit keeps it operating as it should, without overloading, ensuring critical components last longer.

Contact the experts at Advanpro, your one-stop service provider for all your HVAC needs. We’ll keep you comfortable, save you money and deliver peace of mind!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Inspect evaporator coil
  • Inspect condenser coil
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Check super heat & sub cool refrigerant temperature
  • Check amp draw of A/C compressor
  • Check amp draw of A/C condenser fan
  • Check contractor for wear
  • Check temperature drop across evaporator coil
  • Adjust evaporator fan speed as needed for property temperature drop
  • Level A/C condenser as needed
  • Clear area immediately surrounding A/C condenser of air flow obstructions

We recommend to get maintenance done on your a/c system once a year. Best time is spring to early summer.

  • Making strange noises
  • Not all areas in your home are being cooled
  • Utility bills are higher than usual

When working properly, the A/C system should be able to keep your home between 17 C – 20 C. If your A/C Unit is struggling to keep your home temperature in this range or seems to be running more frequently than usual, you may want to consider having one of our trained techs come by for a tune up.