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During regular business hours, we charge a low $99.95 call-out & diagnosis fee. You can also send us a message to ask questions first.

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Old furnace? Consider a high-efficiency upgrade.

For furnaces 15 years or older, replacement can be a smart financial choice. Utility cost savings can offset the cost of your new furnace in as little as 5 years. We offer flexible financing — and space heaters to keep you warm! Learn more →

"I had problems with the furnace fan ... Michael diagnosed the problem, which was a blown relay on the circuit board. He had a replacement board in his service truck, installed the part, and had the furnace up and running right away. He also improved the wiring on the thermostat. Michael is a skilled professional and Advanpro is top notch. I will be calling them again when the need arrives."

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24/7 emergency call outs available.

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Furnace Repair FAQs

The most common furnace repairs range from $180 to $350. In cases where a motor, control board, or a gas valve has failed, the cost to supply and install new parts can exceed $500.

The cost to supply and install a new furnace blower motor can exceed $500. For newer ECM variable speed blower motors (common in furnace 10 years old and newer), the cost to supply and install a new motor can exceed $1000.

A properly installed and maintained furnace should last 20 years or more. Preventative maintenance in the form of annual tune ups significantly reduces the likelihood of failure and extend the life of furnace components.

Yes, as part of your regular Furnace Tune Up (every two years).

If your furnace is 15 years old or more and a major component has failed — the furnace blower motor, control board, gas valve, or heat exchanger — it’s often more cost effective to install a new furnace rather than repairing your old furnace.

This also applies if you believe failure is imminent (noisy motors are a tell-tale sign, for example).

Future operating costs for new high-efficiency furnaces are substantially lower, with pay back periods as low as 5 years. 

"Great service! With temperatures dropping to minus 20 and below and our furnace out of commission, we called Advanpro at 5:30 am and they called us back at 7 am and set us up. Mike and Peter tuned our furnace, replaced the motor and did a full cleaning that got our house back to being warm and safe. They were on time, neat, friendly, efficient, informative, stayed within the estimate and the call was finished 45 minutes early."