Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in Calgary​

  • Eliminate the risk of fire caused by clogged vents
  • Reduce drying time & extend dryer lifespan
  • Save money by improving dryer energy efficiency
dryer vent cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning Calgary

Have you noticed that your clothes are taking longer than normal to dry? Are you clothes coming out of your dryer still damp? Have you noticed lint collecting around your dryer vent exhaust of your home?

If so, you’ve likely got an accumulation of lint in your dryer vent exhaust. Lint in your dryer vent causes inefficient drying of your clothes, excessive wear on your dryer and wasted use of electricity.

On top of that, accumulated lint in dryer exhaust vents is a common cause of house fires. Live at ease and save money with professional dryer vent cleaning from ADVANPRO Calgary furnace duct Cleaning.



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How Do I Know If My Calgary Dryer Vents Need to Be Cleaned?

It’s best to have your dryer vents cleaned before they start to show signs of lint accumulation. 

If you’ve already started to notice that your clothing isn’t drying as fast as usual or that the dryer is otherwise less efficient, you’ve likely got an accumulation of lint or blockage. This can significantly increase your energy bills and reduce the lifetime of your dryer.

Regularly having your dryer vents cleaned is a great way to save money and maintain safety hazards. Call ADVANPRO for prompt, professional and thorough Commercial duct cleaning Calgary

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It greatly reduces the chance of a dryer fire
  • Cut down drying times through greater efficiency
  • Considerably lower your utility bills
  • Extends the life span of your dryer
  • Lessens the amount of allergens in your house
  • Badly maintained dryer vents are one of the top five causes for house fires: https://goo.gl/p3vPwV

An average household should have their dryer vent cleaned every 2-3 years.

  • Drying your clothes is taking longer than one cycle
  • You are noticing less lint on the lint trap when you check
  • The surface of your dryer can be quite hot whilst in use
  • You see excessive lint on your clothes