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What Steps Are Involved When I Have My Ducts And Furnace Cleaned?

When you call a duct cleaning company for service, it’s good to know what will happen from the time they arrive until the time they leave. Duct and furnace cleaning is an important part of home maintenance, and professional cleaning companies should have a professional process and quality service. Here’s what you can expect from a reputable service provider.

Arrival and set up

When the team arrives for the appointment, they’ll likely introduce themselves and walk you through the service process and method. This is a good time to review the scope of work and the quote to make sure they’re going to do what they’re supposed to do – and to confirm there won’t be any unexpected charges.

They should lay drop cloths under the vacuum hose so it doesn’t leave a mess or damage your floors or walls. The hose will generally enter your home through a basement window or the main entranceway, and go down to the furnace.

At this stage, the team will also go through your house to confirm that the quote accurately reflects the number of ducts in your home, and put magnets over each air supply vent (register). A duct mask will be placed on the return air vents. This prevents dust and debris from getting into your home and improves vacuum suction.

Furnace check

Once they have set up their equipment and explained the process to you, the service team will begin with a general furnace checkup. This typically includes looking at the ignition, inducer motor, and blower motor, and ensuring everything is operating properly. If your furnace is equipped with a humidifier or UV light, these should be looked at too. The thermostat will be lowered and the furnace will be turned off.

Duct and furnace cleaning

After a thorough furnace inspection has been done, the duct and furnace cleaning begins. They will connect the vacuum, clean supply runs, and main supply ductwork​ and clean the supply heat runs and main ducts as well as furnace doors and cabinets.

Most companies will also blow out your hot water tank burners as part of their service (they will need to turn off the pilot light and relight it once they’re done.

You can tell you’ve selected a good company if they take the time to remove the blower motor and assembly from your furnace before they begin cleaning. This step requires well-trained technicians, but will always result in a cleaner furnace.

Furnace filter replacement

Once cleaning is done, a new furnace filter will be installed.

There are a variety of different filters available. Most duct cleaning companies will replace your filter with a simple fiberglass model instead of an expensive name-brand filter. You may be surprised to learn that a basic filter is actually easier on the furnace and offers sufficient filtration, provided it is changed at regular monthly intervals. Heavy-duty filters provide more airflow resistance, which can cause a furnace to overheat if not properly monitored.

Permanent reusable filters are made from solid aluminum and are more durable than other options available, and also the most expensive. If you have this type of filter, the technician should clean it for you.

Review, report and reschedule

Once cleaning is done, the team will turn the furnace on and reset your thermostat. They’ll gather their equipment and drop cloths, and apply a sticker furnace, which will include your next date of service. At Advanpro, we go the extra step of including the numbers of vents cleaned, so the information is handy for future reference).  Each tech signs his or her name, as a sign that they stand behind their work!

At this point, they may report the work they did and answer any questions. As part of our process, Advanpro provides customers with a Duct and Furnace Cleaning Checklist. It shows everything they did and notes any issue that should be addressed or monitored moving forward (like noisy blower motor or leaking condensate trap etc.)

Beyond our experience and professional service, Advanpro prides itself on being a customer advocate. We’re here to advise, educate, and help you make the best decision for your home.

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