Furnace Tune Up


Add to any Duct Cleaning for only $99.95

  • Preventative maintenance saves you money
  • Prolong furnace lifespan & reduce utility costs
  • Professional 50-point inspection for safe operation

Minimize your heating bill — maximize furnace efficiency, lifespan, and safety

Ensure your furnace is operating at optimal efficiency and save on energy costs with a professional tune up by Advanpro.

We’ve been serving Calgary with best in class furnace and duct cleaning, tune ups, repairs, and installation for over 10 years.

Keep reading for our furnace tune up prices, packages and specials.

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Furnace Tune Up Prices & Packages


Furnace Tune Up
$ 149
  • Inspect – Sensors, Burners, Exhaust, Wiring
  • Test & Check – Switches, Circuits, Sensors
  • Supply & Service – Filter, Lubricate, Clean
  • Measure & Record – Power, Gas Pressure


Tune Up added to Duct Cleaning
$ 99
  • Inspect – Sensors, Burners, Exhaust, Wiring
  • Test & Check – Switches, Circuits, Sensors
  • Supply & Service – Filter, Lubricate, Clean
  • Measure & Record – Power, Gas Pressure
  • Max Efficiency – Combined with Cleaning
Save $50

Total Care

Tune Up & Maintenance Plan
$ 249
  • Everything in Standard Tune Up
  • 2 year Total Care Plan, including:
  • 2 year furnace filter supply (8 filters)
  • Priority no-heat emergency call out
  • 20% discount on all services for 2 years
*Advanpro believes in honest, up front pricing. There are NO hidden environmental or disposal fees.
Which option is right for you?

Our professionals are here to help.

All Furnace Tune Ups Include:


  • Test Thermostat
  • Inspect Flame Sensor
  • Inspect Hot Surface Ignitor
  • Inspect Burners
  • Inspection of Venting and Flue Stacks
  • Inspection of Heat Exchanger
  • Inspect Wiring
  • Clean and Inspect Condensate Trap, Drain Lines, and Condensate Pump

Test & Check

  • Test Ignition System of Furnace
  • Test Check Safety Limit Controls
  • Test Pressure Switches
  • Test Rollout Switch
  • Test Inducer Motor
  • Test Blower Limit Switch
  • Test Ignition Failure Circuit
  • Test Humidifier Operating Normally
  • Test UV Light Operating Normally
  • Check Combustion Air Location and Damper Operating Normally
  • Check for Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Supply & Service

  • Test and Set Optimal Furnace Temperature Rise
  • Lubricate Motor and Bearings (if applicable)
  • Check condition, tension and alignment of blower motor belt
  • Install New Furnace Filter
  • Clean Flame Sensor
  • Clean Burner Assembly
  • Clean Upper and Lower Furnace Cabinet
  • Mark Furnace Power Switch
  • Clean Exterior of Furnace
  • Apply Service Sticker and Do-It-Yourself "No Heat" Checklist

Measure & Record

  • Flame Sensor Amperage
  • Furnace Amperage Draw
  • Ignitor Resistance
  • Blower Motor Amperage Draw
  • Inducer Motor Amperage Draw
  • Gas Valve Amperage Draw
  • Set Gas Pressure

Not sure if you need a Furnace Tune Up?

If you have any of these issues, you should get a tune up:

  • furnace is making strange noises
  • furnace is leaking water or gas
  • cold air comes from your vents when it should be warm
  • furnace kicks on and off repeatedly
  • heating costs rise suddenly
  • thermostat stops working properly
  • pilot light is yellow, not blue

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my furnace tuned up?

Your furnace should be tuned up every two years. We also recommend duct cleaning every one or two years.

How often should I change my furnace filter?

You should change standard 1” thick furnace filters every 3 months. With our Total Care furnace tune up, we will leave you with a two year supply of furnace filters – all you need for optimal operation between tune ups.

"We had Pat and Gregg from Advanpro do a duct cleaning and furnace tune up this week and are very impressed with this company. Very well organized and punctual. They walked us through all of our options and recommendations. I would highly recommend this company to all those looking for any HVAC services."
"Pat and Brad did a terrific job. They arrived early, worked very efficiently, and left a clean furnace ready for the winter. Thank you very much! I really appreciated the friendly and professional service."