Hot Water Tank Maintenance: 5 Easy Tips for Homeowners

You rely on your hot water tank every day. Hot water tanks from a reliable HVAC company often last a decade or more, and with some simple annual maintenance you can help extend the life and efficiency of your tank. These five hot water tank maintenance tips can help you get the most out of your tank.

Five Hot Water Tank Maintenance Tips

  • Adjust the temperature – Use the temperature dial to reduce the temperature to between 115 and 120 degrees F.
  • Test the T&P valve – The temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve is an essential safety feature. Test it by lifting the lever part way, then letting it snap back. A gurgling sound should follow as the valve releases some water. If nothing happens, replace the valve.
  • Perform a mini-flush – Removing sediment is an important part of hot water tank maintenance; it improves efficiency and prevents rust and corrosion. Position a bucket under the drain valve and release a few gallons of water by turning the valve counter-clockwise.
  • Insulate the pipes – Place self-sticking 3/8-inch-thick foam pipe insulation around the hot and cold water pipes. Remove the tape and press the insulation closed.
  • Insulate the heater – Wrap an insulating blanket around the sides of the tank and seal with foil tape. Electric heaters can be capped with a circle of insulation, but don’t cover the top of gas or oil heaters.

Purchase a New Tank from an HVAC Company

If your hot water tank isn’t functioning properly, consider purchasing a new model from an HVAC company. Newer models are more efficient and can help lower your energy bill. With expert hot water tank installation, you can soon have a new tank that’s affordable and energy efficient.

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