How to Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Repairs!

Home air conditioners fall into that category of Once you have it, you’ll never go back!

Living in Calgary with its wild temperature swings, you have probably started up your AC as early as May and have had it running even into October. This means, your air conditioning unit was well worth the investment. Given the cost to repair or replace an air conditioning unit, doing regular checkups and maintenance is one way of protecting that investment.

There are several things you can do to keep your air conditioner running smoothly during the summer months and reduce the likelihood of a costly breakdown.

Change the Furnace Filters Regularly

Your central air conditioning unit blows cool air throughout your entire home, via your furnace ducts. This air also passes through the furnace itself. Regularly changing your furnace filter is a simple step that can make a big difference in the performance of your AC unit. Furnace filters capture dust and other debris that can hinder airflow. If the filter is dirty, your air conditioning unit will need to work harder. A clean filter will allow the air conditioning unit to run more efficiently. Using a more basic filter with a lower microparticle performance rating (as opposed to a thicker, premium filter) is easier on your furnace blower motor and helps to ensure that your air conditioner operates as designed and does not freeze up. It is recommended that you check your filter monthly and change the filter at least every 3 months when running your air conditioner.

Schedule Annual AC Repair Services

Technicians will inspect and clean key components: including Calling a professional HVAC company to perform an air conditioning maintenance service is a smart way to avoid costly repairs. Annual maintenance helps keep the AC unit in good working condition with the evaporator, compressor, and condenser coils, as well as the fan. They will also check the refrigerant levels and the sub cool and super heat temperatures to ensure they are within spec, they will also clean the coils of you outdoor Air Conditioning Condenser and adjust the furnace fan speed so it is at the right level for your home so you don’t run into evaporator coil freeze up.

Spring is the ideal time to do maintenance to ensure your unit is in tip-top shape for summer. Some service companies offer ongoing maintenance plans that allow you to spread out payments, or to bundle air conditioning maintenance with other services (such as duct cleaning). With most packages, they will call you to schedule your annual service so you don’t have to worry about scheduling this.

Check around the Air Conditioner unit

Your central air conditioning unit sits outside of your home. Regularly check around the unit and remove any leaves or other debris that has collected around it – or in the unit’s shroud or coil. (Never stick your fingers or any objects inside).

While the unit is running, stand by the unit and listen for any unusual noises. Other things to watch for is uneven cooling throughout your home. If your A/C is not maintaining your set indoor temperature or is running constantly this is a sign of trouble with your system. If you experience any of these issues, you may need to contact a professional for an AC repair service to diagnose the issue.

With regular maintenance and TLC, a quality-name brand air conditioner will generally perform problem-free for years and years – keeping you and your family comfortable for many summers to come.

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