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How much does a new furnace cost in Calgary?

Including installation, a new high-efficiency furnace typically costs between $4,000 and $8,000. See how features affect the price in more detail below.

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​Great · $

Merit Series

96% fuel-efficient

Efficient and economical. The Merit Series makes it possible — a massive leap in heating cost savings, efficiency, and comfort for an affordable price.

From $48 per month
No payments or interest for 6 months.

Merit Series

Featured – ML196E
Combined with natural gas consumption efficiency of 96%, the advanced blower motor uses only 33% of the electricity consumed by older designs. View brochure →

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​Better · $$

Elite Series

96% fuel-efficient

Advanced and adaptable. The Elite Series adapts to your heating and cooling needs — ensuring even temperature distribution, quieter operation, and compatibility with air conditioning systems.

From $59 per month
No payments or interest for 6 months.

Elite Series

Featured – EL296V
A variable-speed motor increases the efficiency of your air conditioner, and two-stage heating matches output to your home. View brochure →

All Elite Series furnaces come with a sound insulated blower cabinet to ensure quieter operation.

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​Best · $$$

Dave Lennox Signature

Up to 99% fuel-efficient

When only the best will do. The Signature Series controls your indoor environment to make it as quiet, consistent, and comfortable as possible — and does it all with maximum energy-efficiency.

From $79 per month
No payments or interest for 6 months.

Dave Lennox Signature

Featured – SLP99V
Combined with the iComfort S-30 ultra smart thermostat, the variable-capacity SLP99V learns your home heating needs and applies optimal heating to ensure even temperature distribution and comfort.

With a modulating gas valve, variable-speed ECM blower motor, and acoustically insulated blower cabinet, it's the quietest furnace offered by Lennox. View brochure →

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How do new furnace features affect the price?

While all new furnaces are “high-efficiency”, units with multi-stage heating and advanced blower control have improved efficiency and quieter operation. The following are typical price ranges, including installation:


Single-stage furnace, fixed-speed blower: $4,000 – $5,500

Two-stage furnace, variable-speed blower: $5,000 – $6,900

Modulating furnace, variable-speed blower: $6,200 – $8,000


Pricing depends on furnace model and heating needs. Get a no-visit quote to find out exact pricing for your home.

How do you know if you need a new furnace?

The following are signs you may need to replace your furnace:

Should you fix or replace your furnace?

Our technicians can provide repair options along with furnace replacement quotes. These questions might also help you decide:

Is your furnace as old as your home?

Furnaces installed more than 10 years ago are far less efficient than the latest furnaces we offer. Furnace reliability worsens over time, especially without regular maintenance.

Have you thought about heating cost savings?

We offer new furnaces rated up to 98% fuel-efficiency. Older furnaces are only 60 to 80% fuel-efficient. If you replace an old furnace, the heating cost savings can be substantial.

Are major repairs a good long-term financial choice?

If your furnace requires a major repair, the heating and repair cost savings can often make a new high-efficiency furnace a better long-term financial decision.

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"Amazing service from Michael and Patryk replacing my furnace. Extremely professional, efficient, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Advanpro is very lucky to have such fantastic employees as part of their team and I would highly recommend them to anyone."
"Travis the installer was on time, friendly and efficient. He was even able to do the work and save me a few dollars! The new furnace seems to be working awesome!"